It Works! Essential Oils



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Get ready to boom, chill, defend and clear with the It Works! Essential Oills!*Results may vary due to a variety of factors.



  • It Works! BOOM: With a blend of invigorating spearmint and a fresh burst of citrus—including notes of tangy grapefruit, zesty lemon, and the sweetness of orange, tangerine, and mandarin—you’ll be positively energized with just one whiff! Grab life by the boom and Lezgo!
  • It Works! CHILL: You’ll be ready to release, rebalance, and reconnect with the aroma of calm and clean lavender, earthy clary sage, tangy grapefruit, and exotic copaiba. Just chill—you got this!
  • It Works! DEFEND: With a blend of rosemary, zesty lemon, and the rich spiciness of cinnamon and clove, get ready to gear up and defend!
  • It Works! CLEAR: Blending two eucalyptus oils, peppermint, myrtle, peppery elemi, and cypress oil, I’ll help bring everything into crisp, clear focus.
Our It Works! Essential Oils work together as one team to help you be your best! Ready to meet them?

*Results may vary due to a variety of factors.

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